The Wonder Of Science Essay Class 9th,10th,12th For Board Exam 2021

 The Wonder Of Science Essay Class 9th,10th,12th For Board Exam 2021 Pariksha adhyayan of wonder of Science The Wonder Of Science Book Buy |  It relates children’s scientific knowledge , CBSE Board , MP Board , UP Board , UK Board , ICSE And NCRT |

हेलो दोस्तों मेरा नाम दिपेश कुमार है और मैं आप सभी लोगो का स्वागत करता हूँ अपने नए ब्लॉग में जिसका नाम है मॉडल पेपर दोस्तों आपको इस ब्लॉग पर आल इंडिया बोर्ड एग्जाम के मॉडल पेपर सैंपल पेपर और ब्लू प्रिंट पेपर मिल जायेंगे | 

यहाँ पर आपको सभी प्रकार के एस्से और  एप्लीकेशन मिल जायेंगे 

Wonder of Science दोस्तो यदि आप 10th या 12th के स्टूडेंट है और हिंदी मीडियम  मैं स्टडी करते है और आपको English  मैं ऎसे  याद   नहीं होता है तो हम आपके लिए आसान Language  मे essay लेकर आये हैं जिसे आप आसानी से याद कर सकते हैं।

  1. Introduction
  2. Scientific inventions
  3. Electricity
  4. Means of transport
  5.  Means of communication
  6. Medicine and surgery
  7. Atomic energy
  8. Computers
  9. Disadvantage of science
  10.  Conclusion

The Wonder Of Science Essay Class 9th,10th,12th For Board Exam 2021

1.Introduction:-  it is the age of science there are many wonder of science. science plays an important part in our daily life. it has made our  life easier  and  More is nothing but a systematic weight of knowledge. And Living. man’s  qualities of curiosity alertness and keen observation of change in natural happening has given  but to science and scientific study. 

2.Scientific inventions:-  scientist have invented serval things and machines big and small through observation of very simple events.  water boiling in a kattie  has given us the idea of Railways  engine.  falling of Apple from  a tree   has helpd Newton Law of Gravity.

3.Electricity:-  electricity is the greatest invention of man. its  serves us In hundreds and thousands of  ways ., miles and factories.  it cools and keep our  house warm  it washes and irons or clothes .  it gives us  School year and entertains us  through  Cinema TV and radios, besides lighting for houses. model life is  impossible without electricity 

4.Means of transport:-  buses, cars, trains, ships, and aeroplanes are the greatest contribution of  science. man can reach any part of the world with in hours .  he  has even with  the other planets with the help of science. the day is not very far when men will be able to travel easy to other stars and planets. 

5. Means of communication ::- Science has given us many  new      means of communication such as mobile, telephone wireless, internet etc . We can talk to your friends and relatives by mobile, telephone, and wireless. we can send your message by internet and mobile.

6. Medicine and surgery:-  science is not only cured  man  from terrible  diseases. It has lenghtend  his IIT and made his healthier  as well.  in the field of surgery  Too, science has done wonders. science has controlled incurable diseases like T.B , leprosy and cancer too 

7. Atomic energy:-  with the discovery of Atomic Energy man harnessed  an  inexhaustible  source of energy. It can meet the demand of energy of the world for a long time.

8. Computers:-  computers are the greater and wonderful invention of science. computers  have helped  Men in serval field . they make  Complex and complicated  calculation  in a fraction of second. we have controlling server machines, rocket, TV. station and satellites.

9. Disadvantage of science:-  everything has two sides. science too has  Dark side.  the invention of  atom bombs and others dangerous weapons. we can destroy the world in second. pollution of atmosphere is also a great threats  to the world at large. it is difficult to get pure air and water .

10. Conclusion :-  science is a  great helper to modern man. if  properly  used it can make the life of man healthier  and happier.  Truly  it is because of science that man  is called the master of the world . 

The Wonder Of Science Essay Class 9th,10th,12th For Board Exam 2021

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