GOA Board HSSC Model Question Papers 2020 – 2021 | goa board prelims paper

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GOA Board HSSC Model Question Papers 2020 – 2021 | goa board prelims paper

Section – A

1. Gel electrophoresis  is used in DNA  profiling.  which of the following is  in incorrect  statement regarding gel electrophoresis ?
(a) An Electric current is passed  through  the gel  matrix to separate DNA  molecules.
(b) DNA Molecules move towards  the -ve  electrode.
(c)  different size DNA molecules form  distinct  bands on the gel.
 (d) Larger DNA molecules move through the gel  more slowly than  the smaller DNA   molecules.

2.  ‘ Saheli’  is  a non steroidal preferred Female Contraceptive because it  can be taken:
(a)  once a month
(b) once a week
(c)  once in a fortnight
(d)  continuously only for 7 days in a month.

GOA Board HSSC Model Question Papers 2020 – 2021 | goa board prelims paper

3.  the figure depicts  the proportionate  number of  species  major taxa  of vertebrates at the global level.

‘A’In the given diagram represent
(a) mammals
(b)  Birds
©  fish
(d) Amphibiansllinat

4.  for the lac-operon  to be operational in E.coil,  lactose in its culture medium acts as
(a) a regulator
(b)  an operator
(c) an inducer
(d) repressor

5. name the breeding  process  that  helped  In developing resistance in mung  beans  to yellow mosaic  virus and powdery  mildew.

6.  right to ways  in which meiosis  contributes to  genetic variation during  gametogenesis.

 7. In organism exhibiting  internal  fretilization  the male gametes  are motile.  how was the non motile male  gametes  in seed  plants  reached  to the  female gametes ?

8.  draw a labeled  diagram of nucleosome.

                          Section- B

9.  write the differences in the replicating strands in a  replicating fork.

10.  why do majority of flowering  plants producting harmaphrodite flowers prefer cross pollination to self pollination ? Give a Reason.  maintain any two  devices developed by them  To  encourage  cross  pollination Pollination.

11.  genetic variability  is the root of any breeding programme.  explain the importance of genetic variability in the breeding programme.

12.  you are asking to prepare a plan of  an artificial cloning  vector for a biotechnology experiment. Name the different  essential  components that you  will  suggest for the required cloning vector and why ?

13.  name and state the functions of the two factors RNA polymerases  is  associated with, to carry  transcription in bacteria.

14. How do cry genes when incorporated in cotton plants  make it bol bollworm   resistant ?  explain.

15. A  cut his foot on a rusty metal while Playing football and had to go to the doctor to have stitches.  the doctor also give him an  injection to prevent him from contracting a  certain  disease.
(a) name the disease the doctor feared  the boy might  contact.
(b)  what did the doctor inject and why was n immediate need for such an injection ?
(c)  state the kind of immunity the boy could gain from the injection.

16. (a)  can  apomictic  hybrid   seeds  BR solution to the above  situation ?  give reason in support of your answer.
(b)  why do the  seed produced by the hybrid plants,  when sown,  fail  to give the crop the  same character which  were  observed in the previous crop ?

18.  write the  usefulness of  molecular scissors  and polymerase chain  reaction in biotechnology

  A  group of Bacteria are referred to as ‘ methanogens’  why are they so called ? explain.

GOA Board HSSC Model Question Papers 2020 – 2021 | goa board prelims paper

                Section- C

19. A Couple with normal  vision  has two children, one of them is  colourblind.  explain with the help of a cross how it is possible.  mention the sex  all the affected child .
 mention the genotypes  of the following plants giving reason in support of your answer.
(a)Snapdragon plant bearing red   flowers.
(b) A pea  plant bearing violet Flowers in the axial position.

20.  draw a labelled  diagram of blastocyst.  describe the process of implantation of blastocyst in the human uterus.

21.  the population of the world suffers from ‘ hidden hunger’  what does ‘ hidden hunger’ refer to ?  explain with the help of suitable example anyone with that can help in overcoming this problem.

22.  how was the American company Eli Lilly  successful in producing human insulin by using Recombinant DNA technology ?  why is this insulin very much preferred  to the ones produced
by the conventional methods ?

23.  in your class the teacher has assigned  the topic for discussion on impact of human activities on :
(a) carbon cycle and
(b)  biodiversity
 How  convincingly  will you  present  the impact of  the  mentioned   topic ?  explain giving reason.

24.  where would you find xerarchsuccession  in progress ?  Xerarch succession  from a  pioneer species  to the climix community.

25.  explain with the help of an example that  homology is based on divergent evolution.

26.  explain why is there a time  long of few  months  too many years  between  the infection and symptoms  of ‘ AIDS’  to appear.

27.Your  mother is unknowingly Using  macrobes  in her kitchen inspite  Of her never being  a Biology student.  example with the help of three  example how she is making use of beneficial microbes.

GOA Board HSSC Model Question Papers 2020 – 2021 | goa board prelims paper

                      Section- D 

Political Science Annual Exam Question Paper for Class 11th

28.(a) Construct  a food chain  representing the correct. order of biomagnification  in an  equatic  eco system.

(b)  state the cause of biomagnification .

(c)  mention the effect of biomagnification on the organisation  occupying the highest  trophic level.
 (a)  construct pyramid of  Biomass and pyramind  of  number  for the following food chain.

(b) Explain giving reason the difference observed between the two pyramids drawn by you.

© Name the type of pyramid that is always upright and why .

29.(a)Write the events that taken place in ribosome during translation in bacteria.
    (b) state what is eminoacylation  and write its importance in Translation.
    © Why is a t-  RNA molecule referred t o as an adaptor  molecule ?
   (d)  what is an m-  RNA  translation  unit ?
(a) Darwin observed a variety of finches  with different type of beaks  on his visit to Galap agos islands. Write the explanation he gave  and the conclusion he arrived it it.
(b)  write  The  difference in the mechanism of evolution of explained by Darwin a nd de-vries.

30.(a)  Where is a microsporangium located in   and angiosperm?  mention the ploidy  and  the  function  of tapeetum.
(b)  name the tissue that undergoes microprorgenesis . draw  the diagram of its bicelled  end  product and label its different parts.

GOA Board HSSC Model Question Papers 2020 – 2021 | goa board prelims paper

(c)  write any two specific characteristics  of the two cells  tablet in the above diagram.
(a)  differentiate  between  the process of spermatogenesis  and oogenesis  on the basis of the following :
 (i) time of its initiation
(ii)  site of its completion
(iii) nature of meiotic division undergone  by the gamelet  mother cells.

(b)  draw the sectional  view of human ovary  and label the following.
   (i) Follicle Containing  primary oocyte
   (ii)  follicle  containing secondary oocyte
   (iii)  follicle that undergoes ovulation
(iv) structure that release large amount of progesteron.

GOA Board HSSC Model Question Papers 2020 – 2021 | goa board prelims paper

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